Friday, February 18, 2011

What We're Loving Right Now

 Sweeping in a tutu and bra.
 Playing the piano.
 Trying on EVERYONE elses shoes.
 Hanging out in the back of Daddy's truck with the other kids in the neighborhood.
 Our Cozy Coup car we got for Christmas.
 Exploring the yard with Copper.
 Andie's best friend, Copper.
 Juice boxes.
 Blowing bubbles.
Drawing in the driveway with sidewalk chalk.

It blows me away daily that my baby girl is so big and so independent.  She is such a joy and so much fun.  She is speaking in sentences and says the funniest things.  Some popular phrases are:  "I have it."  "Do myself"  "Go G's house."  "Watch TV."  "I help you."  "A hug. A kiss. Thank you." 
So things are fun.  Especially with the wonderful warm weather we've been having that has allowed us to play outside and at the park.  Our sweet girl isn't a baby makes me sad but oh so happy at the same time.  We are having so much fun with this life God has given us.

Happy To You Papa!

Papa's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, so Andie, Darrell, Copper and I headed to Edisto to celebrate.  Megan and Mark also came up.  It was really cold, but it was great to get our Edisto fix!

 Andie loved helping Papa open his presents.
 We bundled up and played with bubbles.

 And of course we enjoyed some yummy chocolate cake!

Tigers! Elephants! And Clowns! Oh my!

A couple of weeks ago, Mama G came up and we took Andie to the Circus!  G and I loved it!  We think Andie did too, but the expression on her face was one of overwhelment more than it was excitement. :o)  She sat in my lap staring in amazement through the entire long show. 
 A quick pic before the show.
 The entire show was amazing!  G and I especially enjoyed the 7 motorcycles in the one spherical cage.  But I didn't think to take pictures until the elephants came out.  Look at those amazing elephants!
And I thought these guys jumping on the trampolines were really neat in their fire-looking costumes.

I don't remember the circus' I went to as a kid being such a production.  I really felt like I was at some sort of Broadway show.
Yay!  Fun stuff!

And...this is Andie before we even got out of the parking lot.  She was pooped.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christmas-Take 2

Unwrapping those presents! What fun! Christmas in January!
Reading with G. Andie loves to watch, look at and read about other children.


Loving on "Copper."

Thanks to Aunt Betsy, I got a few pictures of Andie opening presents and enjoying them. This post is for saved Christmas Aunt Betsy! Andie's current favorite book is The Polar Express and she doesn't go anywhere without her "Copper." Thank you for the late least I have a little bit of Christmas 2010 captured on camera!

Snow...a MONTH ago!

In January, Lexington got dumped on. At first it was fluffy and loads of fun. After a few days it turned to ice and we couldn't play in it. After a week off of school and not being able to play in it, we were glad to see the snow go. But Andie and I had a blast building our "snow mound" and sledding down AND up the hill!
"Hey Daddy!" It was great having Darrell home too. He took the pictures and captured the day!
"Pat, pat, pat" "Pat, pat" Andie said it every time she scooped the snow up and patted it down.

So glad we had snow clothes for Andie from going out to Colorado.

Once we came in to warm up, we enjoyed a yummy treat of "snow cream." (snow, milk and sugar) I can remember this yummy special treat every time it snowed when I was younger.