Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Time Fun

A new outfit. Mama G got Andie this adorable flamingo-smocked bubble. It came with a cute pink bow that just barely fits in her hair. Oh so cute! Haha!

Loving the swing!

Andie's first time in a wagon. We had a blast playing with friends in their great back yard last week.

Andie has hair envy and kept going for poor Caroline's hair.

Caroline tried to teach Andie the rules of the wagon..."Sit down, Andie, sit down."

Crawling all over the house. And she loves that bottle of teething tablets...her favorite toy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 Months Old

"Hello." Andie waving through the window.

Loving how we can go from oh so sad, to oh so happy! :o)
And LOVING the oh so happy smiles! We now have 6 teeth! 2 fully in on the bottom and 4 just cut through on the top.

And we have SOME hair!

Andie and Copper are best friends!

"Hello, again." This is Andie waving...it's really a wrist-rolling, constant wave. She loves to wave at the passing cars when we are walking the dam. So cute!

Happy girl! She looks so cute and grown up in these precious overalls and her shoes with that big smile and bald head. Andie is crawling everywhere...and walking!!!...a few steps...sometimes. She pulls up on everything and will let go, but is still a little timid about moving those feet on her on if she thinks about it.

We have had to change child care recently and are missing Nana and Papa terribly. Andie seems to be loving having her two little friends to play with at Mrs. Tammy's, though. Andie is such a blast right now. We are loving this age...enjoying her personality and her kind heart. She is such a cuddle bug and gives the best hugs and "air kisses."
We have lots of friends who have just had babies or are having babies (Hannah as I write this), and we can't wait to meet them. May God bless them all with an easy adjustment to life with little ones. :o)