Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clemson Fun

Daddy bought Andie this cute outfit! She's a little tiger chillin in her Clemson tailgating chair!
Watching football with Daddy. Bug did great this last game! She sat through 3 quarters of the game. Of course I had some books and snacks to help keep her occupied, but she really enjoyed getting to clap for all of the touchdowns!! Go tigers!

And we got our picture with the Tiger Cub! yay! I was so excited that she did good...even though she has her paci in. And Darrell got such a great pic! What fun!! I love sitting in the West Endzone...shade, Tiger Cub, seat back and arms! Great memories!

Andie's Favorite Things

This picture is a great demonstration of Andie's favorite things. She loves to push around her baby dolls and other stuffed animals in the baby stroller while carrying her pocket book. Andie also LOVES to "read" books. She is constantly getting one out of her book baskets and already has her favorites. She will go up to the couch or chair in her room and pat it until I grab a book and sit down and read it to her.

All By Myself

Andie wants to do everything all by herself these days. As you can see, she's doing pretty well...aside from the grits all over her face, hair and clothes. Good job, Bug!

Wanting to be like...


Last weekend we spent time cleaning house...and car! Darrell and Andie did some bonding by washing the car together. I loved watching them! It was so cute how she wanted to do it just like her daddy. And Darrell was so great with her...showing her how and letting her try. Life is so much fun right now. Andie is constantly exploring and learning something new...new tricks and words and funny little things she does. So fun!


Go Tigers! The first football game of the season was great. Andie loved watching all of the people. She loved the beginning of the game with all of the music, yelling, clapping and balloons. She didn't want to sit still, so we did a lot of walking around the stadium. Her dress is the one I made for her (and posted before). She looked so cute in it. And look at her shoes. The squeak and she loves them! What a fun memory!


Ok, so maybe Bug's hair isn't quite long enough for a bow yet, but is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen with it in?? And look at that ponytail! It looks like a rat tail when it's wet. haha!