Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Mt. Horeb Vacation Bible School!  Andie had a blast!  She's been singing "You Can Trust God" nonstop ever since.
 Snuggling with Daddy on Father's Day!  Andie, Baby Scott, Copper and I are so blessed to have this amazing man in our lives!  He leads and cares for our family like a superhero!
 Blueberries!  So, I know I've said I love our house, but I also love our yard!  The back yard has a fig tree and blueberry bushes.  Sunday we picked blueberries for the first time!  Andie did great picking only "the really blue ones."  We got half a tupperware container full, and they are so yummy!

While I was taking pictures, I had to take one of my gorgeous hydrangeas!  Like I said, I love my back yard!
 And Dance Camp!  Ok, so I can't believe my Bug is big enough to go to VBS and camp!  But she loves it!  I love that she is not timid, shy and scared to do things on her own (like I was).  The first day of Dance Camp, she was ready to go...she kept saying, "Come on Mom, it's time to go.  Come on, let's go." 

She had such fun!  Sweet girl, just loves life! 

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Scott.  2 weeks or less until he or she makes his or her appearance!  Darrell and I are both taking the time to enjoy Andie in all of her glory and sweetness!  Andie is excited, too.  She spent the weekend in Edisto with G and Papa and apparently asked G, "Mom will call us if the baby comes, right?"  Sweet girl is going to be a great big sis!

Driving Miss Andie

For her birthday, we gave Andie a Barbie Jeep!  She thinks she is big stuff.  Of course, we are still working on the basic driving skills...like not running into the bushes...but she loves it!