Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cute Christmas PJs

These pjs were another find at the consignment sale this fall. I love them, they are so cute! Especially the little flap for her cute bottom. And if you'll notice the one-boot-on...she clobbered around all night like that! :o) I just had to laugh.

A Few Christmas Pics

Thanks for the fun shirt Aunt Gail and Uncle Terry!
Love it!

Darrell and I went to the Holiday Market Preview Party last week and had a blast! It's one of my favorite things to do. Thanks D for a great night!

All of "Andie's" ornaments are at the bottom of the tree. She has done a great job "touching with one finger." :o)

I found this dress at the "Belles and Beaus" consignment sale this fall and I just love it!

We're ready for a fun Christmas! I love this time of year with all the parties, festivities, hussle and bussle. And Andie loves all the "yights"! (lights)

A Tree Hunt

A Christmas Tree hunt!...
...at Lowes. So it's no hay ride through the woods, but we still had fun.
Andie and Daddy found the perfect one.

Thanksgiving at Mama G and Papa's

What a perfect Thanksgiving with so many things to be thankful for. All the Griffith family was together to celebrate. We ate good food and had a great time.
Andie makes this adorable face when you tell her to smile.
Because we were all together, we gave Mom her Christmas present a little early. We all went in together and got her a huge (17 foot) Tiger Eye feather flag. It flies up and down on a long pole that you stick in the ground. It really is awesome! And she loved it!

Andie playing in Uncle Jed's worn out laundry hamper. Oh the things she can find to play with at Mama G's!
Horsin around with Uncle Terry! The guys got to go hunting out at the farm. Megan and I joined them a little later in the day to shoot skeet. It was so much fun! And for not having shot a gun in years, we did pretty well!

Ready for Christmas in her Santa PJs with Mama G's beach Santa by her side.

18 Months

I thought now would be a fun time to post our nightly ritual...bath, with Copper helping of course! And look at all that hair! Ok, so maybe one day.

Well, this post is a little late, but Andie's 18 mos post is an important one. She ways about 23lbs, wears sizes 18 and 24mos and size 4 shoe. She wants to be big so bad and loves to be a "helper." She loves to vaccume and swiffer, brush her teeth, play outside, climb, and chase the dog and other children. She loves babies and her daddy. She loves giving hugs and kisses and will just randomly do both...love it! This month she is talking up a storm. Some of the words she's saying are:

Copper, dog, please, up, down, Ho Ho, Santa, tree, no, yes maam, sneeze, read, up stairs, help, love you, Andie ("Anyee")...

She tries to repeat anything you say, and usually gets it close. She is such a trip and keeps us in stitches. Her new vocabulary and has come with a new-found independence which includes quite the spunk. She is trying to find her boundaries (to put it nicely :o)). So I hope you can tell we are having a blast with our baby girl, enjoying every minute, good and not-so-good. We are all super excited about Christmas and how much fun it will be with Andie.

Andie and her Best Friend

Andie loves her Copper. And Copper loves Andie...at least I think so. She does such a great job "putting up" with Andie and the tail-pulling, stepping and climbing on, cuddling with, and food sharing. I love, though, when Copper lets Andie lay down with her...it is so cute and sweet.