Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday, Baby Birds and Beach

This week was my birthday and our 5 Year Anniversary!! Now, I know most of you think you have the best husband ever, but I'm sorry to tell don't....I do! Look at these gorgeous flowers Darrell brought home yesterday. Thank you Sweetheart!! Stargazer favorite!
These are our baby birds! Aren't they cute? They were in the nest in our Crepe Myrtle in our front yard, but with all the bad weather, the nest was shredded and the babies fell I made this makeshift nest with one of Darrell's golf towels and placed them in...worried as to what would become of them...but....Mama bird has still been taking care of them!!! and is very protective and has even nipped Copper a couple of times for getting to close. The entire neighborhood has taken interest and we have visitors daily. I hope they make it and that they are left alone by everything that might get them.

Memorial Weekend at Edisto

We had a blast at Edisto with the usual "Fraternity Family." It was great to see everyone and eat so much delicious food! Above is Aunt Megan playing with Andie.

I love this family picture. The summer has already gotten off to a wonderful start!

Kisses for our girl. Look at Andie's face...Haha! I'm sure she's thinking..."Really, guys?"

On Saturday we loaded up the boats for our annual trip to Otter. Andie fought falling asleep, but her first time playing at the beach wore her out!

Group picture! It's amazing to look at the "group pictures" through the years. We've grown up doing this, and now I am so glad Andie gets to be a part of it....And yes, that is Dad's "John Yacht" that everyone is sitting on and yes, it is "high and dry."

What can you even say about this picture? Rednecks? The boat people? Uh Oh!? Good thing we had so many people to get it back in the water!

Andie's first realy experience at the beach, in the sand and water. She loved it!! And we loved watching her love it!

"Um, Mom, is it ok to be this dirty?..Cause I'm not so sure about it."

Andie loves dogs and will love on any dog that will let her. Here she is with Lindsey's sweet dog Maddie....Andie's best friend for the weekend.

Meeting a new friend and sharing Maddie with him.

And last but not favorite picture from the weekend. Is there anything sweeter than a baby at the edge of the water at the beach? Adorable.
We hope you all had a wonderful Memorial weekend. We want to send out a huge thank you to all of the many brave men and women that serve our country and fight for our freedom. Thank you for helping to keep our country the amazing, free, safe, wonderful place to live that it is.

More Than Just Neighbors

I pray that at some point in your life, you are blessed with neighbors as wonderful as mine. Noah and Avery have become more than just neighbors to Andie...they are like her big brother and sister. She loves to play with them, trying to keep up, and just watch them play. They are so sweet (and seem to enjoy) to take Andie for a ride in "the Jeep." Andie will ride for as long as they will take her. She loves them...and I do too!!