Monday, August 27, 2012

Family of Four

Andie Photo Shoot

Our sweet Bug is 3!!  and such a mess!  I told her we were going to have a "photo shoot" and she picked out her dress, headed herself to the beach, and went to town.  I never once posed her, just told her where to stand or sit every once in a while...the rest is all our Andie!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dancing with Papa

Papa finally got his old juke box fixed and it is quite the asset to the beach house.  While we were at Edisto, it was a nightly tradition to listen to the old tunes, and of course, do a jig or two.

Miss Priss

The Aquarium and Bowling!

Andie loved seeing all the fish and especially the sea turtle, jellyfish, and touching the snakes and alligator!

We got to go bowling with Trident (Dad's company).  It was Andie's first time and she was SO excited!  Look at that face!  We bowled 2 games and I think she hit one pin, but she didn't care one bit!

She was also excited for everyone else when they bowled and celebrated with a running hug...for Papa (above) and Jed (below)

Of course, with all the great music, we had to do a little dancing as well.

John Thompson over the weeks

A visit from sweet friends, the Eptings!

Aunt Megan

Sweet cuddles!
Uncle Jed and Melissa
6 Weeks and getting big!

1st bath


Daddy and his kiddos

John Thompson's first boat ride

Andie a boating fashionista

Pine Island fun!!!...swimming...


...getting a ride from Griff...

...and building the tallest sandcastle ever with Papa...