Thursday, April 19, 2012

Golf and Flips

 Andie loves to play golf with Daddy! 

She also loves to do "flips."  I used the action setting to get her "flip."

Little stinker just loves to be outside!  I cannot believe she will be 3 in less than a month!

Andie loves...

...the boat, the beach, the water!  All she wanted to do all week at Edisto was go in the boat and to the beach.  It was a little chilly, so we didn't always get to, but when we did, she was in hog heaven!

Copper loves the boat too!

More Corn Please!

So, this child is a Richardson to the core!  She LOVES corn on the cob!  And is this not the life?...eating delicious corn on the cob on the porch overlooking the marsh and creeks at sunset!  Thanks G and Papa for having a great house and allowing us to visit!

Strawberry Pickin

Andie and I spent Spring Break at Edisto.  One day we went to pick strawberries at King's.  She had a blast!  Mom, Andie and I all got addicted and couldn't stop picking.  We ended up with 2 buckets of course we had to make strawberry shortcake when we got home. :o)

Andie enjoyed eating almost as many as she picked.

Prego Pic

Ok, so this is my first pregnancy picture...horrible right (the picture and the fact that the first time I took one was at 27 weeks!)  But many of you were asking, so here you go.  Any ideas what the gender might be?  Feel free to vote in the survey to the right! 


We got to spend Easter at Edisto and had a great time! 

Easter egg hunt at the Baptist church.  Andie had so much fun.  They do such a great job with the kids and then provide snacks, cookies, and drinks for them afterward.  It was extra special to get to have my cousin Katy and her family there too.  Andie was helping Sam find some eggs.

Sweet girl had fun playing on the playground with some new friends.

Mama's girl!

And it is Griffith tradition that the Easter Bunny hides the Easter baskets.  Andie found hers in the chair hammock!