Sunday, December 18, 2011

Every year we go to the "Lights Before Christmas" at the zoo with the entire Scott family!  It is always a special treat.  Andie LOVES her big cousins Will and Cooper.  And this year we added Baby Anna.

 This sweet girl smiled ALL night long.
 All the pretty lights.  The kids were more interested in the animals, though.
 An elephant ride.
 Andie enjoyed dancing through the entire zoo all night.  These "rockin' lights" were a hit too.
 And Nana payed for all the kids, Darrell and Ellen included :o), to ride the carousel. 
 Anna loved it!
 Andie did too.
 Family picture, minus Nana, who took it.
And, of course, it's not a trip to the zoo without playing on the lions!  What a great night!  Now we're all set for Christmas!

Lexington Christmas Parade

For the last couple of years we have enjoyed taking Andie to the Lexington Christmas parade.  We sported our orange this year, because it was the Sunday after winning the ACC Championship!

 Some highlights of the parade were Ronald McDonald and the Pleasant Hill Middle School Cheerleaders!

Andie waved and waved at all the floats and cars in the between eating all the candy she got. :o)

Getting Ready for Christmas

 Decorating the tree

 Remembering the reason for the season...that Christ died for our sins so that we could become whole in Him.  Thank you Jesus!
 Andie made this precious reindeer shirt at school!  I love that they put bows on the girls' shirts.


Thanksgiving at the Scott's

 DT fried a delicious turkey!
 Andie had a blast playing with her Aunt Megan

 And Andie, G, Aunt Megan and Melissa made a Gingerbread House!

If that isn't an "up to no good" face, then I don't know what is. :o)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Treat and More Treats

Princess Andie and King Daddy (and yes, she actually calls him that!)

 Really into the candy this year.
Our adorable neighbors down the street.  Andie thinks they are so cool.  They were a cute puppy and yummy cotton candy :o)

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Minnie Mouse Sighting

Last night we went to Boo at the Zoo with our friends The Clamps.  Andie was the cutest Minnie Mouse I've ever seen!  (but I guess I am a little bias :o)).  The Clamps were the gang from Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  The were just as cute as Minnie!

 Getting candy...this child LOVES candy!
 Going through the maze.
Mama and her Minnie Mouse!
 Watching a magic show!  Ian even got to be the assistant!  Way to go Ian, you did great!
 Looking at the Huge pumpkin and watching the train come around.
 Roasting marshmallows!  Thanks Mr. Luke!
And a special treat appearance...The Tigers!  Andie was SO excited to see him, she ran right up!  My big girl!

Fall Party at School

On Thursday, Andie's class had a Fall Party.  It was so cute.  They had snacks and got to decorate a cookie with candy corn and M&Ms.  They also got to put stickers on a paper pumpkin.  Andie had a blast!

 Then the class got to go on a "pumpkin hunt."  Everyone found a pumpkin to take home.  It was too cute.  And I loved seeing Andie with her new friends from school.  It is a cute group.  They took some cute class pictures, but I didn't want to put pictures of other kids up.

 (*ok, so I have to brag just a little...I made Andie's pants!  And a big shout out to my great friend Kathy for appliquing the shirt for me!  The outfit turned out great! I'm so excited about it.)
Little Stinker - "Look, Mom, no hands!"