Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Griffith Beach Week

Andie loved seeing all of the pelicans fly over the beach every day. They are such gorgeous animals and it always amazes me to seem them fly in a pattern.

Just having some fun with Mama and Daddy.

We did a lot of playing but a lot of relaxing, too. I think these two are hilarious! Darrell got these.

This is Andie and her cousin Wyatt. Don't they look like an old married couple?? Haha.

The Cousins.

The little cousins. We had to take about 20 pictures to get this one...and we tried for several days. They had a blast playing together and learning how to share and get along.

Andie and Jesse reading a book.

Andie and her Mama G. Two beach bums if you ever saw some.
Andie LOVES the beach and the water. Here she is playing with Wyatt, trying to show him that it really is a fun place to play.

Our beach bucket became our swimming pool. All of the kids loved getting in and cooling down.

Swimming with Papa and Mama G. Andie wants you to just let her go out there, she just loves the water and thinks she can swim. She already kicks and blows bubbles and doesn't mind getting her face wet. We will definitely be learning to swim before next summer.
"Kick, Andie, kick!"

Just love that face and that belly!

More bucket chillin! I tell ya, she loves it.

What a wonderful week. It was so nice to stay in a house right on the beach, we could just walk out and walk right back for lunch and the right back out on the beach. A great ending to a wonderful summer. I can't believe our bug is 15 months old! She is such a joy and so wide open. I am sad to go back to work, we have had so much fun together. After her check up, I will write all that she is doing. Bye Bye Summer...until next year.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Days

Our last weekend at the beach before the end of summer, we took some family pictures. They turned out so well. Thanks to Aunt Megan for taking all of the ones of the three of us. I just love Andie in this precious white dress. And love the site that allows me to edit the photos and make them look professionally taken. I'm still learning. I will post more soon.