Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I cannot believe our precios boy will be 7 months old this weekend!  He's 18 pouds of happy.  He just cut through his 2 bottom teeth last week.  He loves to eat, especially his vegies!  He's sitting up, toppling over some, but getting bette every day.  He always has his hands moving and circling, something in his mouth and his right foot kicking.  He loves the walker and johnny jumper.  Basically, he likes to move!  He loves to be outside.  He's a people (and dog) watcher. He's a snuggler and loves everyone and anyone.  He's his sister's biggest fan.  He's a great napper and sleeper (most of the time).  He loves to talk and sing, laugh and smile.  And we love every ounce of him! 

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Dawn said...

What a cutie pie! My favorite is the second picture:)