Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated Darrell's birthday with a pink, green and blue cake that Andie picked out herself. :o)  She helped him blow out the candles of course.  Sweet girl was so excited about her Daddy's birthday.  We are lucky to have such an amazing man lead our family and take such good care of us.  We love you Darrell T. Scott!

All About Hearts

I haven't been so good about taking pictures lately, but I did get a few shots of some heart-shaped goodies.  Andie and I both got a nice surprise from Daddy to kick off our Valentine's...roses!  Daddy brought Andie her own sweet little rose which she quickly put in a vase and took to her room.  So sweet.
 For breakfast, we had heart-shaped waffles and strawberries!
 And no holiday is complete without sugar cookies!
Although Valentine's day isn't a huge deal around our house, it's a time we stop to go the little extra mile in showing how much we love each other.  And we have so much to love and be thankful for!  And, of course, every holiday is a little more fun with a 2-year-old excited about it!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Valentine's Converstaion

Me: "Andie, tomorrow you will get to talk about hearts at school.  What does a heart look like?"

Andie: "Like this." (as she showed me with her hands)

Me: "That's right where is YOUR heart?"

Andie:  "In my backpack, Mama."

Me:  "Oh, well,  you know we also have hearts in our bodies that pump our blood and allow us to love each other...right here" (trying to show her where our hearts are in our chests)

Andie:  "No Mama, it's in my backpack.  I'll go get it."

Cutie patootie!  We have the most fun conversations.  Last week my little Drama Queen said this....

Andie: "Mama I don't want to eat my supper, I want to watch TV."

Me:  "I'm sorry but we cannot turn on the TV until you eat all of your sandwhich."

Andie:  with a big sigh and putting her head down on the table very dramatically she says, "This is terrible!"

Me: with a laugh, "What?"

Andie:  picking her head up and putting the back of her hand to her forehead, "This is just terrible Mama."

Oh yes, we are in for it!