Friday, March 30, 2012

Bye Bye Pacis!

Last weekend Andie (we) decided to mail her pacis to the Easter Bunny!  Last picture with her beloved pacis!

Kissing them goodbye.

The letter to Mr. Easter Bunny.

Walking them to the mailbox...

And putting them in...

Big girl did so great.  She was immediately regretful for mailing them off of course.  But when we walked back out to the mailbox to see if they were gone, there was a big beautiful pink bear waiting for her!  The Easter Bunny has been leaving her prizes and goodies all week.  He even wrote her a note!  At night she's done great....naps have not been so good.  And poor thing is sick now, but she hasn't asked for her paci in 2 days!  Wooo!  No one ever said anything about all these "little" trials as parents and how so very hard they would be.  Can't believe our sweet baby girl is growing up so fast!

Here We Are...

So, I have been horrible about updating, so here is a little catch-up...

We've been outside a lot.  Andie loves to play with bugs and dirt on the ground.

Sweet Copper hates to have her picture taken, so I try to sneak in a good one when I can.  She is such a wonderful dog and we all love her so much!  She wants to be with us wherever we are and is so great with Andie.

Andie loves her sleeping bag she got for Christmas from Nana.  She likes to take a nap in it sometimes.  As you can see, we have to bring ALL of her friends down on to the floor with her.

Andie has become a Daddy's girl for sure.  She calls hime "King Daddy" and "Monster" (because the play monster hide and seek).  They are so silly together! 

We also got to celebrate Uncle Jed's birthday!!  We went to a Japanese Steakhouse.  It was Andie's first experience...she was in aww most of the time.  Below is John Edward with his sweet girlfriend Melissa.  Andie loves her!

Andie not so sure about the volcano fire.

We laughed the entire dinner.  Our cook was amazing and a lot of fun. I even caught a shrimp in my mouth! (I was protesting even trying it when, bloop, shrimp in my mouth!)  He rapid fired shrimp at Jed, hilarious!  And then of course, they sang and beat the drum and made him do the chicken dance!  So fun!

G and Andie made Jed a cake.  Below you can see Andie trying to help him blow out all those candles!  Sneaky G always puts trick candles, so it took a lot of blowing to get them out.

G and Andie flying a kite at Edisto.  They were having a hard time :o)  It was really windy and cold.

And Andie always loves to help do everything, but she especially loves to help Daddy wash the car! 

It has been a fun month.  I can't believe it's almost over!  We have a busy couple of weeks ahead!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet Girl!  What a hoot she is!  She is so full of herself....more like her Daddy than her Mommy.  Little Miss Independent likes to help with everything.  She also is very excited about being a big sister.  She talks, sings and reads to the baby and gives "the baby" hugs and kisses.  She is going to be such a great big sister and helper!  I can't believe our baby girl is growing up so fast...she is our sunshine!

Andie's Room

We recently redecorrated Andie's room and I love how it turned out.  Of course, G was a huge part of the process.  But I love how sweet and girly it is!

 At first, I wasn't so sure about hanging butterflies, but Andie loves them and they really are cute.