Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pitiful Monday

Poor Bug was feeling pretty puny on Monday. She just wanted to snuggle up and watch TV (which she never does). At one point, she decided she wanted to cuddle with Copper and just layed down on Copper's bed and watched cartoons. She's feeling better now. But it was too sweet not to capture.

Clemson/GA Tech Game

We had a great weekend at Clemson. The weather was beautiful and the extra time there was nice to actually get to enjoy Clemson. I even got to run Perimeter...I felt like I was in college again! :o) And it was nice that the Tigers won, too!
I love this picture of my two favorite people! Bug loves her daddy!
Andie loves to smell the flowers!

Our great friends Sandy and Andrea came by the tailgate. It was so wonderful to see them.

Aunt Megan came up for the game! We loved spending time with her. She just wanted a normal picture, but as you can see, Darrell jumped in! :o)

Loving...and riding...the tiger! Cute girl!

Fun with Friends

This past weekend we were able to go up to Clemson on Thursday night so we got to enjoy spending time with our friends, the Eptings, on Friday. Andie loved playing with James and Campbell. It was great to get to see them for more than a few minutes. Thanks for having us!

Clemson/MD Game

Go Tigers!
Yummy cupcake! Happy Birthday Anna!

Andie and her Uncle Jed. They've really gotten a lot closer with it being football season. Jed only has about 1 1/2 months of school left until he graduates! So bitter sweet.

The only family picture we have gotten...and it's not great.

Fun in Greenville

A couple of weekends ago, Andie and I hitched a ride with Papa and Mama G to Greenville (to meet Darrell). We got to play downtown for a little while. Andie had a blast running down the sidewalk watching all the people. We also went into the Mast General Store, which Andie loved! She ran through the racks of clothes and pet the huge stuffed tigers. Great memories! I'm so glad I had my camera to capture the fun Andie had.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Andie and CJ

The detail on this display was incredible. Andie loved going in there and looking at all of the "people" on the walls and the helmets in the center. Great job guys!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Perry!

We had a great time at Perry's birthday party today. Andie loved jumping and sliding in the blow-up jump house. She loved getting her own box of raisins to eat. She also LOVED riding the pony! The pictures didn't turn out great, but she rode about 4 times..she kept calling them "doggies." We also enjoyed meeting Perry's friends Ann Douglas and Baylis. How crazy is that...two kids in Perry's class are named Ann Douglas and Baylis. We really enjoyed the fun day...Jay and Macon did a great job putting on the perfect party!

Homecoming 2010

Although Andie was overcoming a week of illness, she had a great time seeing the displays and playing on Bowman for Homecoming. I didn't get any pictures on Sat., but we got to see lots of our good friends, and of course, enjoyed watching some football!

Homecoming 2010

Cutie pie

One morning, Andie woke up and she just HAD to put on her football jersey...and...her tutu! Hilarious!

Best Buddies

Can you see Andie behind the plant? She's there. One of hers and Copper's favorite things to do is play on the porch...and watch the other big kids play outside.