Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Andie!

Andie's 1st birthday party was this past Saturday. It was great! We all had a blast and Andie did so great...enjoying all of the attention. The pictures below are from the party, but they start with the end.
Here is our sweet girl, so happy and proud of herself after everyone clapped for her and she clapped for herself. :o)
Loving the beautiful baby doll Aunt Megan and Uncle Mark gave her.

Can't you see in that little face how she adores the attention, almost as if she knows the day was all about her.
LOVING the play keys the Fowlers gave her. We now do not go anywhere without them.

Caroline helped Andie explore her new toys. They couldn't wait to get ahold of the awesome "Laugh and Learn" lawn mower. I love that they are so close in age and already great friends!

Yummy cupcake! Andie loved her cupcake. She wanted to share with everyone.

Not so sure about that cupcake at first.

We had a great turnout and really appreciate everyone coming and being a part of Andie's special day. As I said, we had so much fun and everyone that was there was a huge reason why. Andie is a very lucky little girl to have so many people love and support her...and so are Mom and Dad! We couldn't have made it through this first year without all of the prayers and support of our family and friends! God is so good...Life is so good, we are truly blessed by this precious girl God has given us.

Some of the kids played "Pin the Candle on the Cupcake." I made it and am so glad it turned out so well. I hope that it will be a tradition for years to come.

For Andie's party, I had pictures from the year displayed...from birth to more recently. It was so neat to look at them all at once and see how much she has grown and changed. It all brought back so many memories, reminding me of little things that have slipped my mind.
A lot of other people took pictures also, so as I get them, I will post them.
Happy Birthday sweet bug! We love you!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cute pajamas...

...and so we do.

Last weeks as a baby...

Our sweet girl will be one next week!! I can't believe it. I have been taking TONS of pictures trying to capture her while she is still a "baby." Of course, she will always be MY baby, but there is something about being one that "promotes" her. Just in the last few weeks she seems so grown up to me...crawling everywhere, sometimes walking a little, pitching fits, talking, eating...we are loving this stage!
Look at ALL that hair! She loves to stare out the windows.

Loving this face that she makes...and look at those teeth. She has 8 teeth now.

We have a walker! Well, when she gets the nerve to do it.

Happy girl!

We have a climber! She loves to climb everything. And she's pretty good, too. We don't let her climb the stairs, though, I just wanted to get the picture.

Playing in the grass enjoying the warm sunny weather.

Andie loves to go through the cabinets...as I hear most children do. She has a few cabinets that she is allowed to explore, one being her food cabinet...notice all the baby food jars and yogurt.