Thursday, November 12, 2009


The girls and the babies.
Family photo!
I stole these pictures from Stephanie's blog...thanks Steph! I didn't have my camera and really appreciate those that took pictures of the fun tailgate. It was GREAT to see everyone!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Loving Our Cereal

It took us a little while, but Andie now loves to eat her cereal. We've even tried some applesauce and bananas and have been very successful. Thought these were cute pictures showing what a great eater our little girl is.

A Tooth!

Andie cut her first tooth this weekend! I was feeding her her cereal Sunday night and noticed the spoon wasn't sliding out of her mouth as easily as usual. I felt her lower gums with my finger, and what do you know, there was definitely something hard a sharp in there. :o) I was so excited, Andie just started laughing at me! Hopefully now the pain will start to subside and we will all sleep a little better...please pray it does!

The Tigers Beat FSU!

Zonked out with Mama G.
Loving playing with Aunt Megan!

Laughing and loving being in Clemson.

Clemson Girl, Best in the World!!
We got to see some of my girlfriends this weekend and their precious babies and families. It was great to see everyone...I can't believe I forgot my camera! Lisa was a great host and a big congratulations to Beth on her engagement!! The Tigers beat FSU 40 to 24!! Go Tigers!